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Website:おふろ ♨ タイム
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バナオフロ♨タイム is a [community profile] ofurotaimu's sister community and is the fanon part of the community. [community profile] banaofurotaimu is mainly for fanworks and discussions related to utattemita/vocaloid and other aspects of Nico Nico Douga (odottemita, ensoushitemita, etc.). In the future, community discussions, crack and memes will be held in this community.

Warning: This community may have adult, boys/girls love posts/themes which might be offensive to some. Please use your own discretion in browsing.

You can post the following in this comm (as long as they're related to Vocaloid/utattemita):
- fanart, including 4komas, doujinshi, etc.
- fanfiction (G to R rating only; includes fic memes)
- fanmixes/FSTs (what is this?)
- manipulated fanworks (icons, banners, etc.)
- quizzes/memes (like the haiku meme in ofuro)
- discussions/anything crack
- sales posts

Rules: General.
1. Lock all posts. No exceptions.
2. Use the tags.
3. Question posts are allowed but make sure they're valid.
4. No bashing, be it OTPs, persons, songs, etc. Bashing/Flaming will immediately result to banning.
5. Use cuts. (how?)
6. Do not disable comments in your post. Sometimes we have to comment in case there is something needed to be edited in your post.
7. Be nice. We have enough smart alecs and rude and condescending people outside, let's not bring those attitudes in here.

Rules: Fanfics/Art
1. Include the title, pairing (if any), disclaimer, rating, possible warnings and summary in your post.
2. For fics: Two to three lines of the fic may follow the info, then please hide the rest behind a cut.
3. For art: A preview up to 400x400 pixels is allowed, please hide the full image under a cut.
4. Do not post fics/art which are not your own. Even if you are crediting the original artist, this won't be allowed.

Rules: Other Fanworks
1. Icon/banner/mood theme posts are allowed. However, please keep in mind:
a. If you are iconning art by other people, please give due credit in EACH of your icon posts. We will not allow icon posts without credit, and "google", "2ch" and "pixiv" are not legit credits. Link to each artist's profile. The least you can do is give a name to each of the art.
b. If you are iconning art from albums/publications, you can either mention the source or the artist (if you know who it is).
c. Iconning utaite faces from namahousou/events which are open to the public are okay, same with utaite faces in album/DVD jackets, PVs and publications. Iconning utaite photos taken from their blogs, twitter and private namahousou is strictly not allowed. We would like to respect these people's privacy.
d. When posting banners/icons, please include 1 preview for banners and 3 for icons, then hide the rest under the cut.
e. When using icons, please credit the icon maker as well as the artist (if it's a fanart) in your icon details.

For questions/comments/concerns: [personal profile] fascinates | twitter | fascinais ☆ gmail
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